Land Acquisition

Sourcing Building Plots Across East Yorkshire

We actively seek out luxury development sites across East Yorkshire – with a particular focus on aspirational areas and desirable locations to the West of Hull.

If you have development land for sale, we are interested in acquiring it and will make generous offers for plots in the right locations.

With extensive experience in acquisitions, we will help to structure deals in the best ways possible, to provide you with the most tax efficient and advantageous manner for the disposal of your land.

Planning permission

Our team has an excellent track record in successfully achieving and changing planning permission on development sites.

Where you have land with potential for development, we can provide honest advice and hands on support designed to help you get the right outcomes, and realise the potential of your assets.

Partnership developments

We work in partnership with landowners, providing the design and development of sites as part of a partnership agreement.

Honest, dependable and with a successful history in the development and sale of luxury, bespoke developments across the region – you can depend on Church Gate Homes to make the most out of your land.

Contact Us

For additional information, or an initial consultation, please call us today on 07949 293707, or email [email protected].